Top Ten Entry Level Healthcare Careers

Knowing the top ten entry level healthcare careers will help you to decide on your future career in the medical field.  Entering the field of healthcare can be quite difficult as most of the higher level positions require not just experience but additional education as well which translates to greater expenses for you.  By choosing which entry level fields are more open for employment and which will give you the needed background and experience to the career that you would like to pursue in the future.  These ten will also help you decide about the financial aspect as you will get to know how much you will likely be earning if you are accepted in a particular type of position.

african american doctorIf you are looking for a healthcare career which has the most chances of getting employed, then the home health aide should be your first option.  This field is expected to have at least 500,000 job openings about three years from now.  Those who are employed in this position can earn about $6-$12 per hour depending on the type of facility that you are working in.  Next, you can try entering the nursing assistant field as it is expected to have 400,000 available jobs for the next few years. It promises a chance to continue towards a nursing career with some schools that offer bridging programs.  You can expect a salary of $8-$15 an hour if you get employed in this type of job.

The third in the list is for a medical assistant position.  There is an estimated 200,000 job openings for this career and an hourly wage of $9-$18.  The job involves assisting a physician on preparing the patient, taking vital signs, and checking them in.  Fourthly, you can go for the position of a medical secretary which involves more of data organization and accumulation rather than of practical handling of patients.  Fifth, you can apply for a medical billing position in a healthcare facility.  It involves the keeping of patient records and of billing their medical expenses.

The sixth in the top ten entry level healthcare careers is massage therapist.  You can earn from $7-$34 an hour in this type of occupation.  The top seven is the medical transcriptionist which allows you to gain first-hand knowledge about medical processes and demands a high set of skills as well.  From here, you can proceed to become a medical assistant or a medical secretary with your acquired skills and knowledge. Eighth, you can apply as a physical therapy assistant where you can earn about $13-$28 per hour.  One of the distinguishing characteristics of this job is that the work is more of a hands-on approach providing you with a lot of opportunity for work experience. The ninth in the list is the occupational therapy assistant which involves more paperwork and some hands-on experience with the job.  Earnings can range from $13-$28 per hour.  Lastly, you can apply as a dental assistant which promises an hourly rate of $10-$21 per hour and a chance to become a dentist in the future.

While not technically in the heathcare field another important job for African Americans is in child development. Read more about this opportunity here. There's is no more important calling than helping children success to reach their full potential. 


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