African American Health Care Resources

african american health doctor visitThese African American Health Care Resources are formulated to provide information regarding health conditions for the African Americans located in the United States. It intends to share informative details about the different conceptions of health and illness that has a big impact among their population.

Below are a number of health care resources for the black population. These are lists of websites and organizations intended for the health of the African Americans.

• African Americans and Alzheimer’s disease – African Americans are considered to have increased risk for Alzheimer’s disease and this site shares information regarding the disease. It shares details about the warning signs of the disease that one should be aware of.

• African American Health – This site shares information that targets the African Americans regarding their health. Basically, education about food and nutrition, exercise, fitness, and good health are being discussed.

• African American Health Issues – In this website, various issues regarding the health of the Blacks are being discussed. Some examples included on these issues are obesity, heart disease, diabetes as well as AIDS.

• The Association of Black Psychologists – It is an association seeking in organizing both their skills as well as abilities that will aid in influencing vital change and addressing important problems within the black population.

• Black Coalition on AIDS – BCA aims in stopping the spread of HIV/AIDS as well as eliminating the health discrepancies in the black population.

• Black Health Care – This site is oriented to the culture and ethnic practices of the African Americans and it serves to provide health and medical information that are internet-based. It specifically focuses on the health problems which are being experienced by the African Americans.

• California Black Women’s Health Project – The group composing this project has its focus to empower the Black women in taking personal responsibility of their own health. Also, this group is the advocate for policy alterations that gives an effect to the health status of the black population.

• Manhattan Physical Exams – African Americans are being served with medical services and among which include the yearly checkups, medical assessments, preoperative clearances, health examinations, and clearances.

• National Black Nurses Association – The goal of NBNA is for the African American nurses to do a forum and further make investigation in order for them to assess the needs of the black population regarding health.

Continued education is always a key to become aware of relevant information related to your health and wellness. By removing excess consumption of alchohol, drug use, and smoking can go a long way to boosting your energy levels and immune system. Access to good healthy food and a regular exercise routine is important for long term health.


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