African American Education Resources

black studentThese African American Education Resources serve to provide relevant information on various topics to help us receive a quality education. Below are some of the education resources that are dedicated specifically toward the African American community:

• Black Law Students Association – It is a group of people that aims in promoting unity as well as understanding various issues that affects the black population. In addition, this association offers programs on academic wellness, seminars on career preparation, and mentoring system for the practicing African-American lawyers.

• Minority Association for Future Educators – The goal of this group is to offer support system for the underrepresented students who seek in becoming professional educators. It is also part of this group’s mission to address the children’s educational needs specifically those who are from the underrepresented groups.

• Minority Association for Pre-health Students – It aims to strive in connecting the members with the entire resources needed in becoming the best-rounded applicant in medical school to host different speakers related to the medical field. The members are also provided with newsletter that shares information regarding Pre-Med events.

• Minority Business Students Association – It aims in providing academic as well as career orientation for the underrepresented students in business. The organization also gives focus in addressing the concerns and interests of students who major business or those who intend to major in business.

• National Association of Black Accountants – The mission of this organization is to develop the students in becoming leaders as well as professionals in their industries. It has the devotion to serve the students to seek business development in spite of race, classification, or major.

• National Society of Black Engineers – The goal of this group is to have an increased number of culturally responsible Black engineers who excel in academics and succeed in profession. These engineers should also provide a positive influence towards the community. This society also aims in developing its members to become responsible professional leaders by doing pipeline development as well as community service. Moreover, it aims to produce the best engineers to serve in the future.

• Women of Color – This organization focuses in uplifting, giving education, and providing unity among minority women in the campus of University of Illinois as well as to the community of greater Champaign-Urbana.

• Diversity in Health Management – It is an organization that aims in providing scholarships, internships, and Summer Enrichment Programs to the students whose realm of interests are focused on health.

• Be an Actuary – It offers a program of scholarship as well as internship for the minority students who have the desires in joining the Actuary Science field.

• Association of Black Psychologists – This website provides articles coming from the Journal of Black Psychology. It also offers resources for the students who have interests in research and internship opportunities related to the field. Moreover, the association is offering scholarships for the black students who wish to join the field of psychology.

If you know of other important resources not listed here, you can use the contact link to send them to us. We will review submissions and include them if they are determined to be related and of value. You can read about advances in African American education here.


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