African American Heroes

African American heroes abound not only in US history but in the modern era as well. Their services and contributions differ from one to another but all had been valuable to the improvement of the nation. Some have contributed through literary means while others exhibited their heroism through military skills. In this article, you will find out about some of the African American heroes who have served to further various idealisms which helped shaped the United States for what it is today. Aside from that, you will also learn about some who are still lesser known in US history.

rosa parksOne of the most notable African American heroes in US history is Rosa Parks. Rosa Parks is also known as the “mother of the civil rights movement.” This became so when she refused to vacate her seat in order for a white passenger to be able to sit. The event occurred in Montgomery, Alabama where the front seats are often reserved for whites when a bus becomes filled with passengers. Ms. Parks refused to do so and she was arrested. The case went on to be heard in the Supreme Court where it ruled that such segregation was unconstitutional which eventually started what is now known as the “civil rights movement.”

The next one is Thurgood Marshall who became the first African American Supreme Court Justice. Mr. Marshall began his career as an outspoken proponent towards the abolition of racial segregation using his skills as a lawyer. His most notable case was Brown vs. Board of Education which paved the way to equal access to education for both whites and blacks. His persuasive argument in the court upturned the “separate but equal” doctrine which helped black students to gain quality education in “white” schools.

Another African American hero which is lesser known is Alexander Augusta who served as a surgeon in the Union army. He became a major in the army and helped treat a lot of the soldiers who were wounded in the war. Augusta faced a lot of criticism due to the color of his skin and some physicians have complained of having to report to a black surgeon. His contributions does not end there as he helped fight for equality after the Civil War. He pushed for equal access to services such as riding streetcars using his privileges as a skilled surgeon to fight for this ideal.

In the modern era, you can also find other African American heroes such as Maya Angelou, Angela Davis, and Oprah Winfrey who continues to support charitable activities for the sake of those who are poor. It is important to appreciate the contributions of the people who have sparked great social changes in this country especially during those times when racial equality was a foreign concept. It is through their efforts that we are now enjoying the privileges that we have. Through their skills and their faith in what is right, they have helped to develop the society that we are in today.

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