Top African American Inventors

An invention refers to the unique or novel device, composition, method, or process. It can be an improvement upon a product or a machine, or a new process for the creation of an item or a result. The person who is creating the new inventions like the technical devices is called the inventor. The African-Americans are one among the inventors who have created great inventions.

The African-American inventors have invented a multitude of things or have made various discoveries in the course of their lives. These range from practical day-to-day devices to applications as well as different scientific discoveries in different fields which include biology, physics, mathematics, medical, and other sciences.

Below are the top ten African-American inventors:

• Elijah McCoy (1843 - 1929) – His invention was the oil-dripping cup for the trains. There have been other inventors who have tried copying his invention however none of the other cups were able to work like his creation. And with this, the customers began asking for “the real McCoy”, from which the expression comes from.

• Lewis Latimer (1848 - 1928) – He invented the important part of the light bulb which is the carbon filament. He was able to work in the laboratories of both Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Edison.

• Jan Ernst Matzeliger (1852 - 1889) - His was able to invent a shoemaking machine that was able to increase the speed in making shoes by nine hundred percent. In the year 1992, the United States made a postage stamp to give honor to Matzeliger.

• Granville T. Woods (1856 - 1910) - His invention was the train-to-station communication system. One fact about him is that he left school at the age of 10 years old in order to work to be able to give support to his family.

• George Washington Carver (1860 - 1943) – He was the one who was able to develop peanut butter as well as 400 plant products. He has been born a slave and was not able to go to college until he reached the age of 30.

• Madam C. J. Walker (1867 - 1919) – Her invention was the hair-growing lotion. She has grown up poor however she had become the first female African-American millionaire.

• Garrett Morgan (1877 - 1963) – The invention of the gas mask was made by this man. Morgan as well has invented the first traffic signal.

• Otis Boykin (1920 - 1982) – He was the one who invented the electronic control devices for guided missiles, the IBM computers, and the pacemaker. He was able to invent 28 varieties of electronic devices.

• Dr. Patricia E. Bath (1949 - ) – She had invented a method of eye surgery which has the capability to help a lot of blind individuals to be able to see. She has been one among the nominees to the National Inventors Hall of Fame.

• Lonnie G. Johnson (1949 - ) – He had invented the world-famous watergun which is called the Supersoaker. The company of Johnson has just come out with a new Nerf ball toy gun.



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